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Will these parts all work together


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Tyan Tomcat K8E S2865ANRF Socket939/nForce4/PCI-E/1GL/1394 Motherboard MB-S2865AN


EVGA nVidia GeForce 8800GTS Superclocked 320MB 2DVI/HDCP PCI-Express Video Card EV-88_32OC


AMD Opteron Dual-Core Processor Model 180 939pins, Retail OS-180CDBX


Corsair XMS TWINX2048 PC4000PT


Corsair seems to have forgotten they sell/sold this memory, hence the need for some expert Corsair help :)


My main concerns are memory and CPU compatability

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I remember installing this board for a small server at a mid-size roofing company. It's still running and I used Samsung UCCC ICs sticks with no issues. Your DRAM is the same IC's so I would hazard a guess that you will have no issues. That's a great board. I installed an Opteron 170 in it. No overclock as it was a 24/7 server.


RAM GUY could answer this with surety though and I can not.

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