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Problems with evga 680i and (4gb) cm2x1024-8500c5d v1.2


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Hi there,

I am currently running windows vista ultimate 64 bit

Ok, I am having compatibility problems when running 4 GB of ram, I currently have 3.0 GB installed right now at default settings. When I have 4 gb installed I get a c1 error on led. While I have 3.0 Gb installed i thought maybe I would see if the one that was currently out would work in the 3.0gb configuration, but it wouldn't, the bios would hang up then reboot and then ask me if i wanted to continue in safe mode or start windows normally . I tried to start windows normally but it would not work. So I swapped modules again and it worked. Then it said windows had recovered from a serious error (something like that)

I have installed P31 for the chipset, and the hotfix from windows vista 64 bit for the memory.

So I have read through the forum with my scenario to find the following possibilities:

1) I have 1 bad ram module

2) I need to change to the correct voltage, but if I cannot get the bios to work, so how could I change it

3) Some other possibility that I am neglecting


I apologize for any ignorance in my behalf this is my first built computer and first post

Thank you all who reply and try to help



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