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odd problem...


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I have a brand new Flash VOyager 8 GB with the exact same problem.


If I plug it into a machine I've never plugged it into before I can access my files and read / transfer data just fine. If I plug it into one I've used it on before, "USB Device Not Recognized" is the error message.


(All machines are Windows XP however...)


-EDIT Weird it just started working again on one of my original computers - I have no clue what's going on.

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I've verified this on about 8 machines now. Here's what's happening, EVERY time I put my 8 gb flash voyager drive into a new machine, I can read and access files beautifully.


However, if I've already put it into a machine before, it will no longer recognize the device. No amount of rebooting seems to help.

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