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I have the 6850 cpu

with the quad2x4096-8500c5df and even though my fsb is set for 1600 it still shows 800mhz on the bios board is this right i'm getting 15812 on the benchmark thats just overclocking the cpu. Any other suggestions for a better benchmark or timinings would be great. so far its pretty stable


knock on wood.

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On the Striker, you will need to set your memory speed and CPU FSB speeds independently using the UNLINKED setting. Set the memory speed to 1066. Make sure your memory voltage is set correctly for your revision of PC8500DF, either 2.2v for rev 1.* or 2.1v for rev 2.*. If you are not stable, you may need to tweak the FSB VTT and SPP voltages to about 1.4v each.

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