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2x512 and 2x1GB possible?


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Well, after being very happy about my 1GB Corsair (2x 512 TWINX 3200XL PRO) for quite some time I bought two new Modules (2x 1GB TWINX 3200 C2).


I tried to have them running in dual-channel mode so I was hoping to get 3GB. I used the slots as follows:

Channel 1 - A: 1GB

Channel 1 - B: 512MB

Channel 2 - A: 1GB

Channel 2 - B: 512MB


Unfortunately Vista (after a fresh install) tells me that I am only using 1GB, so I removed the old 512 and now I got at least 2GB.


So my question is, is it somehow possible to use my old modules? Maybe I've done something wrong?



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