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Maximus and Dominator 1066


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Hi guys, I currently assembled a new system.


consisting of a

Asus Maximus Formula

2x1 gig Dominator 1066 Pc2 8500 ram

His 2900 XT Video

Q6600 Quad Core Intel CPU.


the problem is the system won't post. Are there any known compatabilitiy issues when trying to run 1066 ram on a board whose memory voltage defaults at 1.8 volts?


This thing is driving me crazy. No beep, LCD shows cpu init, fans spin, but no display.


I've read many people are posting that they boot the board with a cheap'O ram and reset the voltage, however is that really necessary?? And is that possibly the problem.


/thanks in advance


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I wonder if your CPU is a G(0) revision. You might have to insert an older revision CPU and flash the BIOS in order to accept the G(0). Take a look at the CPU box. You will see a bar code and a FPO/BATCH with S-Spec. Does it show SL9UM or SLACR? If SLACR it is a G(0) revision.


Either that or you might also have to insert a vanilla stick of DRAM. Enter the BIOS and set the Vdimm to 2.1v (for version 2.xx) or 2.2v (for version 1.xx).

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SLACR is the newest revision of the Core2 Quad and many new mainboards do not have the updated BIOS for this revision. Some boards boot with "Unknown CPU" and some do not unless you flash to the newer BIOS. I have had a few issues with new boards and the G(0). One was an ASUS P5K-Premium and the other a GIGABYTE X38-DQ6. Both needed a BIOS flash to accept the new revision G(0). I have access to many CPUs though, so I installed a Core2 E6600 B(2) and flashed them.


I would first test with a vanilla stick of DRAM though. I have seen more issues with high end DRAM not booting a new system until a vanilla stick was inserted and the Vdimm raised to the necessary voltage for the higher end DRAM.

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