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8500C5D v1.2 and v2,2


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I have 4 sticks of CM2X1024-8500C5D


after having to change 2 sticks, I received the Ver.2.2 in exchange of the v1.2


Now these 2 sticks are not detected by my EVGA 680i MB bios version 31, as sli enabled (v.2.2)


while my other 2 sticks, v1.2 are correctly seen as sli enabled detected


do I have to change them again, how do I get the Evga bios to recognise them .....



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Firstly thanks for such a quick reply


I can't set them to sli 'not enabled ' or 'enabled' as the version 2.2 are not even detected by the MB which I find quite strange...


reading EVGA and your forums I noticed tha most MB don't really like 4 populated banks at 1066 so I am running them at 800 @ 2.1 volts


Would it be better for me to RMA the v1.2 sticks to get 4 banks of the same model ??


thanks again

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Most likely, the best memory for 4gb on that board is going to be a 2 x 2gb, one of our TwinX 4096 kits. Please use the link in my signature for the Corsair Memory Configurator to see the recommended memory for your board.
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