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Voyager slow write speed


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I have just bought Corsair Voyager 4GB and I find out that

READ speed is fine at 26 MB/s but

WRITE speed is really bad at 9 MB/s :confused:

I tryed to move video file (avi) 723MB @ 1:43 :mad:

So benchmark is accurate. I use XP Profesional SP2.


And I didnt get CD with utilities... :sigh!:


My tests



Review test:



What do I do?

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In specification is 13 MB/s... so I got 54% of write speed. :(


And there are reviews where is Voyager (not GT) 4 GB with 20 MB/s. Even I know one guy who has same drive like me but with 22 MB/s :(


I just dont know what to think about it...

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I have the same problem as v.ovcacik - slow write speed and acceptable read speed. I bought CMFUSB2.0-4GB and tested read/write speeds on several computers only to find out that the flash drive is much slower than expected. Write speeds are around 6 Mb/sec and read speeds around 21 Mb/sec.


Are there different CMFUSB2.0-4GB flash drives around or I picked the faulty one? Namely all sites that reviewed the flash drive in question posted much higher write and read speeds (up to 32/22 MB/sec read/write speeds).




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