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RAM crashing computer?


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Hey, I got a new set of Ram earlier this year. Two 1GB modules for a total of 2gig. I don't have the modules on me at the moment because I'm at school. Basically what happened is the 2gig pieces were working fine for a bit. All of a sudden, my laptop just constantly started to crash.


It would crash, get to the windows loading screen, and restart by itself. It would just keep repeating this behavior.

If I did get into the Windows desktop, I would get a blue screen a few minutes into being on the desktop even if I wasn't doing anything. I called dell and they did a lot of tests on my laptop, I even went as far as to wipe my whole hard drive and reinstall everything, but my computer was still crashing.


The thing is, when I have the Dell-provided 1Gig of RAM that was provided with my laptop, I have no issues, so I'm pretty sure the 2Gigs of Corsair RAM is at fault, any ideas?

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I would recommend testing the modules individually in the system with either http://www.memtest.org, or the integrated Dell memory tester in your setup menu. If both modules cause the same issues there may not be a bad memory module, however if one passes and the other fails, we will need to get them both replaced.
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