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Memory errors xm2s 6400C3 on p35 and x38.


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Hi All,


I am having trouble running the 6400c3 on the newer chipsets.


At the moment this is my setup.

Q6600 - GA P35-DQ6/ASUS P5E - 730W Seasonic.


Even relaxed timings give me memtest (ver. 1.7+) errors. Already at test 1.

I ran them at stock in dual channel mode.


Short test scheme.




- Memtest error at test 1,3,5; count =100+


After change some settings.



- Memtest error at test 1,3,5; count =100+

Complete stock, bios defaults.

5-5-5-18-1.8v(JEDEC standards)

- Memtest error at test 1,3,5; count =100+


Please let me know, what additional testing you would like me to perform. Yesterday I just installed the ASUS P5E mobo and I am rendered clueless about this not running on my new motherboard as well. Just upgraded from the DQ6 which gave me problems. And I did not want to change memory since I love these modules.


At the moment I have not tested them, 1 at a time. You think I should do this to see if one patricular is failing?


I have always been running the memory at 2,4v can this be the problem? On p5n32-e sli motherboard. (Which has hybrid 680i sli chipset)


I read about 680i overvolting memory in this forum, I hope this did not happen to mine as well.

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Nothing particular. Did not know smilies were taken that serious :(:


I just like to be clear because if there is something I am saying that is taken so as to elicit a response of sarcasm, then I need to find out what that is before it escalates. :):


Now the reason I mentioned setting the sticks singly is because it would be best to isolate and find if the issue is DRAM related. If both sticks issue errors, then I would look to checking the mainboard, but if only one stick shows an error, then clearly the mainboard is isolated and RMA is the procedure.

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Ah ofcourse, I understand now looking at our first comments in this thread. Sorry, I was a bit impulsive.


Just to get things out of the way, if both stick tend to give memory errors, but another pair would not.


Will the motherboard still be an issue. I could not find anything which would declare full compatibility from ASUS or the compatibility tool on this site, regarding this combination.


Anyway, I will first hit memtest this evening.


Thanks for your quick response!

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Your DRAM is supported by the P5E.




If both sticks give errors. Then it would be best to test both sticks in another motherboard. If both give errors in that board, then something has injured both sticks and I would think that RMA is the only result. You have tested them correctly in Dual mode so if both single sticks show error, and another board the same results occur, RAMGUY will deal with this as he is the one with the final say.


I just come here to help as the staff here work business hours Mon - Fri. He will respond tomorrow.

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I could only find this: TWIN2X2048-6400C3DF TWIN2X2048-6400C3DF 2GB Kit (2 x 1GB) 3-4-3-9-2T


I know mine are not the domincator ones, though the same IC's. But want to have everything official.


I tested it on the p35 dq6 as well.

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I am having the same problem with only one stick at a time. I tried all the slots. With one stick The errors are coming up the moment I start memtest. All at the same failing adress.


The other stick the error comes up in test 5 somewhere at 40% every time.


I fear the worst. Please advise.

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Here are the official specs FYI (note the 2.1v MAX!)


Testing parameters for Twinx/XMS2-6400C3:

Twin2x2048-6400C3 Data Sheet


Motherboard make and model: Asus P5WD2 or M2N32-SLI Premium/Deluxe

Each pair is tested and packaged together using the following settings:

AI Over Clock Tuner: Manual

CPU External Frequency: Manually set to 200MHz

DDR2 SDRAM Clock: Manually set to 800MHz

PCI Express Freq: Auto

PCI Freq: 33.33

Performance Mode: Standard

DRAM Timing Selectable: Manual

SDRAM CAS Latency: 3T

SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 4T

SDRAM Row Precharge (tRP): 3T

SDRAM Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 9T

SDRAM Write Recovery Time: 5

DDR2 SDRAM Voltage: 1.9

CPU Core Voltage: Auto

FSB Termination V: 1.50 V

MCH Chipset V: 1.65V

ICH Chipset V: 1.20V

All other settings are motherboard defaults.

Maximum DDR2 recommended VDIMM: 2.1 Volts

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