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I have a bad part


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I have a pair of corsair dominator 8500C5D (2x1g) that were running fine since i had them since August. Suddenly today I started getting crashes and blue screen. I ran mem test and I got errrors with both modules installed. I removed one module, ran the test, no errors. I put the other one in alone and i got errors right away. Do you think I should RMA?


Thank you

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Yes, do that, and also make sure that you have the memory voltage set to 2.1 volts with these modules. If they are not at 2.1 volts they may not be stable!


I sent in both the faulty and the good module. I just recived a confirmation email that Corsair has recevied my parts. (Case #310602)


I noticed you said set the voltage to 2.1V. I was told before to set them to 2.2V here on the forum by Ramguy! here is the post: http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62456


now the question is, when i get the replacment parts back, which voltage shall i set them to? 2.1 or 2.2??



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