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Dominator 8500CD issues with Maximus formula


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Hi all,

I am having boot up issues with CM2X1024-8500C5D memory and the Maximus Formula board.Keep getting lock ups with at the point when DET Dram is showing on the LCD poster.


Currently timings are set to recommended 5 5 5 15 and 2.1v,dram frequency set to 667,transaction booster disabled,auto everything else.FSB is 333mhz.I have tried swapping slots,flashed to latest bios 602 to no avail.


This memory worked atreat in my previous mobo, the P5K delux so a bit miffed:[pouts:


I have a new set of XMS2X2048-6400 G which I was planning to shove into my P5K as a build for my bro, tried them in the Maximus Formula at the same settings bar 5 5 5 12 and 1.9v and boots up fine so I am deducing that there is a compatibility issue with the board at the moment. Any body got any settings I could use in the dram timings opr else where to fine tune and eventually get the Dominator ram happy?


Cheers for any help:biggrin:

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Ok, that worked fine!


Could just point me in the right direction as in CPU-Z I have now got a rated FSB currently at 1335 mhz,FSB 334 and in the Memory section 534Mhz at 5:8,is this a bit too quick for the ram? ie is it running at 1335mhz rather than 1066 and if so could the FSB strap to Northbridge which is currently set to Auto sought that out?



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