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Problem with 550VX?


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Alright, I've built many a computer but this is a new one on me. Here is my story in hopes someone can shed some light on this problem.


Computer is an Asus P5E, Q6600, 2GB Mushkin PC2-6400, Rosewill 59.99 case from Newegg. Anyway, I hooked everything up except I didn't have a video card. I moved some optical drives from another computer, and then realized I needed a disc from one of them. So I fire up the computer, it turns on fine, and I hit the eject on the optical, and nothing happens.


I hold power to shut down and check my cabling job, and it will not power off. I have to switch off the back of the PSU I check my cable job, everything seems fine. Switch it on again and I don't see the drives light up at all like normal, but I hear the hard drives spin up.


Strange I say, so I figure perhaps the cable from the PSU I used for the opticals is no good. Knowing the one attached to the hard drives is good, I remove that and connect it to my optical drives. Power on, the optical drives still don't light up, and I still can't kill the power by holding the power button down. Additionally, with no hard drives plugged in, the computer shuts itself off after like 30 seconds. But with them plugged in it stays on.


I go pick up a video card thinking it just may want a video card. Plug that in and I get no video signal when I turn it on. I have pulled all my expansion cards out, I have pulled one of the two sticks of ram out, switched it, switched slots, nothing seems to do any good. The optical drives still don't turn on and I still can't kill power as normal, let alone POST and get into BIOS.


I have no clue where to start here really. My initial instinct is that there has to be something weird with the PSU because optical drives should power on when the system is switched on no matter what other variables are involved. And the system's refusal to power off when I hold down the button is also power related.


Any input would be much appreciated.





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