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Help! Contents of Flash Drive "Randomly" Disappear!


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I have a 2 GB. Flash Voyager GT, which I bought new in early 2007.


It has worked fine until about 3 weeks ago, when the contents of the drive disappeared while I was backing up some data. The data transfer immediately failed. I opened the drive, which was still listed in the "My Computer" section of Windows Explorer. However, the drive appeared empty, and when I checked the properties of it, it listed the drive space as 0 MB. and the free space as 0 MB.

I thought at first it might be a bad port, but this problem has been replicated on at least 6 other computers, including a mac.


I have since tried nearly every solution I could think of. I have formatted the drive 5 times, and the last time, I decided to start fresh, with all new files. However it keeps happening.

It seems to be random. usually it happens when a file transfer is occurring, or when I first plug in the drive, and it autoplays.


I have not been doing anything which would void the warranty on this drive, should I just get it replaced, or is there a permanent fix?

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