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Help for me as well?

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I recently purchased Corsair TwinX1024 PC3200LL and at stock settings with PAT enabled BF1942 quits to desktop, system randomely restarts, failed boots. I ran memtest and in 9mins it had found 19000 errors :eek: and then froze. I tried both sticks individually and memtest freezes after 5mins but no errors found with either, and the same old instability occurs. Tried PAT enabled and disabled, tried putting performance on AUTO, STANDARD and Turbo to no avail. I tried with timings of: (memtest86) 2.5-3-3-6 (freezes after 5mins but no errors) 2.5-3-2-6 (freezes after 5mins with about 9000 errors) 2-3-3-6 (freezes after 9mins with 19000 errors) 2-3-2-6 (system will not POST) But no matter what timings i am running the same old instability issues occur. Asus P4C800-E DLX Pentium 4, 2.8Ghz-C Corsair TwinX1024 PC3200LL
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