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Corsair VX450 it's not Quiet


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Hi all,


Sorry i'm don't speak english :oops:


My new PC


Intel Core 2 Duo E2140 + Scythe Ninja passive :)

MSI P35 Neo2

8600GT Palit Sonic + S2 - 0 db :) yea

Antec Solo :)

Fander 600-700 rpm

Corsair VX450 - f**** :twisted:


I have the same problem


Maybe I had high expectations, but the Corsair VX450 isn't as quiet as I thought it would be. My friend has one of the Antec PSUs, and his comp is barely audible, a low hum. My computer is actually a constant high-pitched noise, and I suspect it is being amplified by my case. It isn't really loud in terms of volume, but it is high-pitched and really annoying.


I read another thread here where someone said the HX520 was barely audible ... which makes me wonder if anyone else has problems with the VX450? Am I expecting too much, or should I RMA my unit?




Buzz/ it's not quiet, please help me.


Maybe fanswap fander ? That **** no PSU, i am desperate :mad::mad::[pouts:

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they will not exchange because of such. Not quiet PSU, they will mock me.


Sry, im don't speak english (Translator).


Sorry Mike, that's not the way Corsair does things. You are not happy. That's what matters. Not laughing at you. Corsair does not work that way.


Go for the RMA. :D:

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