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8GB Flash Voyager GT- 2nd one died in a month..


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Corsair's 8GB Flash Voyager GT was highly recommended by many users at Tiger Direct, NewEgg.com, and other sites. So, I figured it would be a great product to buy and for the first three weeks I really was impressed with the speed of the GT.


But.. then one day I plugged it into my work computer like I did for the past three weeks with no problem, except now the GT wasn't recognized by the computer (WinXP Pro running on a Domain network). I took it home and found the entire Flash Voyager GT to be corrupted. So... I filled out the Corsair Tech Support form and Corsair gave me an RMA and I sent it back and a week later I had a brand new FlashVoyager GT. (this was the week of Oct 18).


Exactly ONE week and a few days later (today as a matter of fact, Oct 31), I plugged my new FlashVoyager GT into my work computer and once again the Corsair became corrupted.


I also use a Transcend 8GB USB Flash Drive and have been using it for 3 months and have not had a single problem. Nor have I had a problem with my old SanDisk 4GB flash drive. SO.... what goes on with Corsair?


For a drive to supposedly be able to withstand heat, water, being washed in a washing machine, this drive is VERY disappointing to me... WHY am I now having problems with the SECOND new Corsair drive?!?!?! Is there a bad batch of these drives?


Corsair should make some kind of diagnostic utility program that can run tests on the drive.


Once again I am going to have to use the online tech support form to get the drive replaced.


I am NOT happy with Corsair at all!


~~ Russ W.

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