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VX450Watt not powering on

Walt A

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First I'd like to say Hi since this is my first post and to apologize for the length,

but I want to include all the information I can relating to the problem.

My computer spec's are: eMachines W3107

Motherboard: First International Computer Inc K8MC51C

Nvidia chipset -Crush 51

CPU:AMD Sempron 3100 processor 1.8GHz (Socket 754)

1600MHZ Bus,256KB L2 cache

Hard Drive: Seagate ST3100011A 100GB

Memory: 1.5GB DDR400MHz (PC3200)

PSU: To be determined


I purchased a Corsair VX450watt psu to replace the current Bestec 300w

but after I installed it and when I turned it on nothing happened.This is similar

to a problem another poster had (see Computer not powering on by JJ91284. 9/29/07) but my power on light stayed lit and I have a 20 pin connector.

I jumpered the green PS-O wire to a black ground wire ( everything connected) and still nada. Ithen got my multimeter and stared to check

voltages. On the violet +5V VSB contact did have the +5 Volts,but on the green PS-O contact I only had +3 Volts,which according to a poster on another website forum should also be +5 volts. If this is right then this is probably the the problem. If so ,what can be done to correct it?

I then disconnected everything and took ohm readings. Between the ground and PS-O contacts, I got 12 ohms. I also had this reading between the PS-O and all other wires. This is true for both psu's. Now on the motherboard, I got 27 ohms between the PS-O and the VSB contacts. I think I got the same

between ground and PS-O also but I don't remember. ( I seemed to get fixated on the PS-O and VSB connections since they were the only ones with

voltages.) I don't know if these readings are right as I don't have the engineering spec's.

One last thing, I got these voltage readings from the bios.

VCCP: 1.45 (Whatever that is?)

5V; 4.5V

12V; 12.15V

VCC: 3.31V

Thank you for your patience.

Walt A

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Thank you for the reply and I'll get right on it.I double check the unit following Specmikes suggestion and it still didn't run, so I'll RMA it. I hope I have better luck with the replacement because I can't install my new graphic card until it comes, than i can validate the new XPSP2 OS I just installed. You know how touchy MS is about that.

I'll get back to you as soon as it comes and I get it installed.

Thanks again for the help.

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