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MSI P35 funny errors with 4gig ram


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I wa sin the process of trying to install 2 Corsair TWIN2X 6400 DDR2, 2048MB CL5 (4 gigs of ram total) and my mainboard (a MSI P35 Platinum) would not even go into BIOS. I removed all 4 sticks and after a series of tests found that one pair was good and one was faulty. After checking the 2 faulty memory modules with memtest I found out that one of the modules was showing an aboundance of errors with each pass, but would even then allow windows to boot, and the other one (in the same matched pair) would when tested by itself not even allow bios to load. After reading some posts in these forums it seems that even after i get a fresh pair of modules for a total of 4 gigs I have to run all of them in 667 speed in odrer for them to work. My question is: is this true in my case?


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