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Possible problem with hx520


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Recently bought my new computer (spec at bottom) and assemled it and ive been having some slight system instability as well as a serious problem with my graphics card.


The problem i apread to be having with my graphics card is such that when it is put under stress i.e. playing any new computer game (i.e. world in confilict at max settings) after a few seconds the card will just cut out my secondry monitor goes imedatly blank then no signal detected appreas on it some seconds later while my main monitor just frezes then does the same as the secondry monitor fading to black with no signal detected.


So i orriginally thought it was the graphics card at fault so i contacted the vendor and though a series of emails they came to the conclusion that it was the power supply as the +12v was out of what they thought is an exceptable volatage, voltages of the supply follow:

Rail-----actual voltage

+3v3v = 3.25v

+5v = 4.85v

+12v = 12.83v (this being the rail which they thought was out)


I have only gathered this information from my bios and ntune in windows.


So my real question is are they correct in thinking this power supply is defective and i need a replacement or is the voltage in a correct range and it is in fact the graphics card at fault?


Computer spec:

windows vista 64bit

Asus p5n32-e motherboard

intel q6600 quard core cpu

4096mb ******** ddr2 6400

bfg 8800gtx 768mb

psu corsair 520hx

2x hitachi darkstar 500gb

2x samsung 200gb

nec dvdrw

pionerr dvdrw






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Do you know how they measured the voltages? If they are looking at software or at information from the BIOS, it may not be accurate. However if they used a volt meter to measure it then yes, 12.83v is out of spec and we should get it replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or “Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace it, please note that you are posting from the forum!
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