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ASUS P5KC Hard memory config solution


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:D: I seeing a lot of people have trouble with P5KC, well, i have it and i have no trouble with my couple of TWIN2X2048-8500C5.


Remember that the modules must be put on the black slots, not the first one (the yellow ones) Otherwise you dont get dual channel and its impossible to have an stable system with the modules over 866MHZ, i dont know why but this is the only way they work. When you put them on the Black ones you can read in the startup that it says, ex: "DDR2-1067 in Dual-Channel Interleaved Mode" -previous manual bios config- in place that "DDR2-800 in Interleaved Mode" you get on the yellow slots.


I can put them even at 1200MHZ, 2,2V (5, 5, 5, 15, 6, 42, 11, 4, 6) with my proccesor Intel E6750 OC to 3,54 GHZ 1,45V (def 2,66) That's only to be extreme, i use my machine 24/7 at 3,20 procesor 1001 mhz memory (only 'cause the the 400FSB drives the memory to high in the subsecuent step) My stability is great, in XP and Vista, never hang, never blue screen. I have also an 8800GTX OC at 600 Core & 1000 Mem, a 550W PSU and a lot of fans. :cool:




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