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Not Enough Power


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I bought my power supply on 7/26/07. It is the 620-HX.


My system has been running without a problem from then until 2 days ago.


My system (I usually leave on) froze. On reboot, all I got was that annoying screech from the video card saying it did not have enough power. I turned everything off, back on, and everything worked fine.


Last night the same thing happened, only this time doing a hard reset did not help. So today I played around with it and have a few more details.


Everything I have observed so far tells me that the system is not getting enough power. Being that it has been running for about 3 months without issue, I am assuming the power supply has died.



  • On turning on the power supply, its fan starts spinning.
  • A moment later, the system fans slowly start to spin up (I can see one fan on top normally, and it use to rapidly speed up).
  • My sound card (X-Fi) has an led thing on the side, this starts flickering (is normally bright and solid)
  • The LED on the motherboard that indicates that it has power starts to flicker as well (it too is normally solid)
  • The Video Card (8800 GTX) starts making its screeching sounds.
  • The hard drives do not spin up.



  • I have tried the jumper test and the power supply fan starts up (just as it does when system is connected.
  • I have reset the system BIOS.
  • I tried starting the system with nothing attached except the motherboard, and the fans / mb LED do the same thing (sluggish / flickering).
  • I tried the system with everything connected except the video card. All problems the same, minus the noise, with the exception of the system fans (not cpu fan). They did not spin up. I changed the speed from slow to fast, and they then speed up. It seems that whenever I restart system with them in slow, they do not get enough power to spin (although before they did). Also, the MB LED did not light up.


As said before, my first impression is that the power supply has gone bad. Everything in this system was bought new about the same time. Being the other part that could affect power is the motherboard, I am also posting this in their tech support forums.


Any advice?

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