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Asus Striker/XMS2 Twin2x4096-6400C5DHX - Blue screen on boot with 4 gig


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I just built my new system as configured below. Windows Vista (Ultimate 64 bit) Installed ok with 2BG installed (As recommended). After the windows updates downloaded and installed I rebooted the system and that is when the problems started. On boot-up (2GB of RAM still) I received a blue screen indicating that the system had stopped to prevent damage to the OS. After hours of searching I found a little advice that allowed me to continue. The advice was to low the RAM speed from 800 MHz to 400MHz. The system seemed to be stable so I tried to insert the second 2GB stick. Again I started to get the same blue screen on bootup(still at 400MHz). The system works with 1X2GB installed (either stick), but at 400MHZ only. I would like to run at the full 800 MHz with 4 GB, as I do video editing.


I have also updated the BIOS to the current one on the ASUS site, and tried to reinstall Vista without any change.


Can someone advise what could be the cause, and what the correct bios settings should be for Corsair XMS2 Twin2x4096-6400C5DHX (4 GB kit)


Thanks in advance


My System configuration


OS = Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit

Motherboard = ASUS Striker Extreme

CPU = Intel 2 Quad Q6600 2.40 GHz

RAM = 4 Gig (2x2GB) – Corsair XMS2 Twin2x4096-6400C5DHX (Matched Pairs)

Video Card = XFX GeForce 8600GTS nVidia chipset (675 MHz) 256MB(2.0GHz)

Hard Drives = 2 x 500GB Western Digital Caviar (WD500AAKS) SATAII 7200 RPM 16MB Buffer – configured in RAID 0 (Striped)

DVD = LG GSA-H62L SATA LightScribe

Power Supply = Antec TruePower Trio 650W TP3 -

Case = CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000

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Thanks, I will try your suggestion.


I did notice however that the Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX is not listed on the Memory Configurator for the ASUS Striker Extreme.


Can you please advise if the Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX has been tested/confirmed to work with the ASUS Striker Extreme?

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