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Concern regarding the response of RMAs.


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Last Monday I had my RMA approved for two sticks of Corsair 2 gig RAM sticks. I was very happy that Corsair had such a good system for dealing with these kinds of problems. This is not a complaint, but it's a concern I have about the general time it takes for an RMA to come full circle.


I am an animation student in college, and my computer is necessary for my job, as well as my classwork. Sufficed to say, I need the RAM for my work. Knowing this, I expected to delay until this Wednesday, and sent my RAM to Corsair in Overnight DHL service last Monday.


I realize that it takes three days to process an RMA, but I am concerned that DHL informed me that the RAM was delivered to Corsair's doorstep on Tuesday, and Corsair didn't tell me that they recieved the package and would begin processing until Friday evening.


Seeing as it's now Monday, and I have only delayed my coursework until Wednesday, I'm concerned as to whether or not I'll get my RAM this week at all. Is there some way to pay in order to expedite shipping to the east coast? I find it silly that I have to actually consider buying new RAM because I can't afford to wait for the replacement RAM.

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I recieved a strange E_mail that repeated my Case and RMA number to me, and included another link to an automatic shipping label for my request. I don't really understand why I recieved this, since it's not really helpful in telling me about the status of the RMA.


Either way, thanks for your help. I'll just assume it's some kind of a digital burp and continue to wait for the info. E-mail.

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