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RAM compatability with each other


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Hi guys brand new to these forums i just have a few questions... right now i have a Dominator PC-8500C5D which is faulty and going in for replacement.. what i was planning to do was Buy another 2GB for now so i can still use my computer and when my new RAM gets back ill have Four gig. Now the issue i have is i heard there are different REVs to this RAM





thats what i got off the another forums i am currently righting to my question is if i bought one pair and they are V1.X and Corsair sends me back V2.X will i have compatability issues??? also this Ram is rated at 2.1volts right??? so does this mean i must go into bios and set my DDR2 Voltage to +0.3 for it to run correctly or should i just leave it on auto???

THanx guys

any advice would be awesome


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That is a good question and one that is hard to answer, but the first thing I should point out; we have always suggested getting the memory you plan on using when you build your system so the memory will all match. However, I understand that most people can’t afford to do that, but realistically it’s hard to say that you will or you will not have problems. A lot of it will depend on your own knowledge and skill with computers not be rude but just to the point.

And understand the basic limitation of the MB and or chipset that you are using is the key. And most if not all of the MB's on the market will need to run the memory slower with more than two modules installed or you may have to over volt the CPU and or chipset top make the system stable with 4 modules.

We have tested these two sets of modules on several MB's and saw no major problems with the above stated limitations in mind.

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