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I have 4 sticks of CMX512-3200C2. Two of them are v1.2 and two of them are v5.2. I haven't adjusted any of the timings, but I did have to set ram speed to 400mhz manually because it kept auto setting to 333mhz.


About a week ago, Windows Vista Ultimate started giving me the BSOD. It popped up the diagnostics screen so I ran a memory test, which it failed. I pulled all 4 sticks out and ran a memory test with 1 stick at a time, and found the 1 stick that failed. I put the remaining 3 sticks back in, with the v5.2's in slots 1 and 3, and the v1.2 stick in slot 2 (the other v1.2 stick is the one that failed). I ran the memory test again and everything is fine.


I have filled out for an RMA, but am wondering if it would be possible to get both v1.2 sticks replaced at the same time in attempt to keep the ram as closely matched as possible, or do I not need to worry?

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Just wanted to say THANKS!


I sent all 4 sticks out Tuesday, Corsair received it Wednesday morning and shipped my replacement ram (TWINX2048-3200C2) out the same day. UPS even did their part in making this an excellent experience and delivered the package a day early!


Tech Support helped me set up my BIOS perfectly and everything is running better than ever. Thanks to everyone who replied here, and to Corsair for such awesome support. The only company I have ever had such a good experience with is BFG when it come to tech support and item replacement. I'm definitely a Corsair customer for life!

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