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no boot on abit in9 32x-max with 8500c5d in dual channel mode.


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i seem to be having trouble getting my board to boot using dual channel,

this error happened with my origional board and eventually ended in a completely dead board and me having to RMA it.. i hope that doesn't happen this time!! >.<


basically, new board came, installed all fine. i got the ram running at 4,4,4,12,2T @ 800mhz on default voltages (1.85v)


it's been running fine like this ever since last week, i started experiancing blue screens at an increasing rate, so i decided to try tweaking my timings a little more. - i upped the voltage to 2.1v and ever since then i've been having trouble even getting the board to post with the ram in dual channel mode.


now; i put the sticks in slots 1+3 , or 2+4. - and run the system at 4,4,4,12,2T @800mhz with 1.85v - and it just sits at post code C.1 and beeps at me!


even if i set all the timings to auto detect, it just beeps at me. - if i change the voltage, it beeps at me... nomatter what i'm doing at the moment, the system just seems to keep beeping at me when i try to run the ram in dual channel mode.


i have now resorted to putting my ram into slots 3+4 ... so no dual channel, but the ram is working at 4,4,4,12,2T @ 800mhz !


now this is the scared part; this is almost exactly what happened with my last board before the RMA, i found that slots 1+2 were giving errors in mem test, and put the ram into slots 3+4, then about 3 hours later the machine blue screened and refused to post anymore... it kept getting stuck on error code 9.0 no matter how many times i reset the bios, or swapped the ram around. :(


i just hope to hell that it doesn't happen all over again tonight, and i get stuck with a dead board again!.



- can you please tell me what might be going on? what bios i should be using? i'm using bios 1.3 but i hear 1.2 is the better one still. , and exactly what my timings -should- be for 800mhz??




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I have seen this happen with the EVGA 680i board before. I have removed the sticks of DRAM and inserted a single stick of generic DDR2 DRAM. Reset the BIOS. Entered the BIOS with the generic DRAM for boot. Set the Vdimm to 2.2v and saved settings. Exited and shut the system down. Inserted both sticks (slot 1 & 3) and restarted. The first system accepted this. The second one did not and RMA was the only outlet found.
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