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Brief PSU Functionality Test


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In many cases, users doing troubleshooting have a situation where there is no apparent power to any portion of the system. They often wonder how they can test the PSU to see if it is working. Short of having a proper PSU tester, you can use this method to do a "quick n dirty" test to see if the PSU will spin up and power the 12v rails.




This same test is valid with our current PSUs models that utilize a Fanless Mode. Our PSUs with Fanless Mode at low loads do not spin up the fan at low loads. The fan will only spin up at certain loads so the PSU fan will not spin on a simple test like this. Be sure to check the specifications for your PSU to see if it does have a fanless mode.


If you are using the "paper clip test" we've listed here, you'll need to connect a component to the PSU that will present a load to the PSU and also allow you to see if it is getting power. A cooling fan is a great option so that you can see that fan spinning. Of course, using a volt meter is the best option.


1. Disconnect the PSU from ALL components in the system.

2. Hook 1 or more cooling fans to the PSU to give it a load. (You can use other items such as HDs but, I recommend using something cheaper and less fragile like a fan)

3. Get a small piece of wire, paper clip, or suitable object and short the 2 pins illustrated below. The voltage present is a very low signaling voltage so no worries of being shocked.


The fans should spin right up. This is not a bullet proof test but, it will let you know if your PSU is powering up properly.


We have also added a video tutorial demonstrating how to perform this test.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FWXgQSokF4]PSU TEST VIDEO[/ame]


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Just for information... I have a enermax infinity 720 PSU and it won't let you do this. I just beeps at you to tell you its detected a fault.

(this can be a pain if you want to leak test your latest and greatest Water block)

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  • Corsair Employee


Just buy the 620HX (but not yet the MB).

I want to test it.

Before trying with the paperclip : may i use the same pins for an european version of this psu ?




Yes, it is the same.

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