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Dominator PC2-8500 Oc probs?


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I have problem overclocking my dominators. It is version 1.2.

I have a Evga nForce 680i SLI, and a c2d E6850. The RAM's should run at 1066, but they don't. When i clock them to 1066 as they are made to run at the cumputer crashes. It can only drive at 800 Mhz. Even if i chance voltage to 2.2 V it still crashes. What can it be?

I can't overclock my CPU either.?


Please help

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Try these settings. They are stock for your components. Please download memtest from http://www.memtest.org. Extract the ISO image and burn the image to an optical disk.

SLI-Ready Memory = Disable

CPU Freq. MHz = 333

CPU Muliplier = 9

x FSB - Memory Clock Mode = Unlinked

x FSB Memory Ratio = Auto

x FSB (QDR), MHz = 1333

X MEM (DDR), MHz = 1067


Memory Timing Setting


CL Cas Latency = 5

tRCD = 5

tRP = 5

tRAS = 15

Command Per Clock (CMD) = 2T

tRRD = 4

tRC = 28

tWR = 6

tWTR= 11

tREF = Auto

tRD = 7-8

tRFC = 42

Async Latency = Auto


CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled (for overclock)

PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled (for overclock)

MCP PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled (for overclock)

SATA Spread Spectrum: Disabled (for overclock)

LDT Spread Spectrum: Disabled (for overclock)


CPU Internal Thermal Control: Enabled

Limit CPUID MaxVal: Enabled

Enhanced C1 (C1E): Enabled

Execute Disable Bit: Enabled

Virtualization Technology: Enabled

Enhanced Intel Speedstep Tech: Enabled

LDT Frequency: 5x

PCIEX16_1 Frequency (Mhz): 101

PCIEX16_2 Frequency (Mhz): 101

PCIEX16_3 Frequency (Mhz): 101

SPP<->MCP Ref Clock, Mhz: 201


CPU Core - 1.35-1.4V

nForce SPP - 1.2 - 1.35

CPU FSB - 1.2-1.3


Please set and boot to the ISO image of Memtest. Allow for 2 full passes. Please be patient on answers and not double post.



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