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I just started building a new computer, everything is plugged in and secured i.e the cd/dvd drive and hard drive..


(from PSU) Plugged in the atx connector into the motherboard and the 4 square pin connector between the CPU and the graphics card


Front panel header all plugged in




the computer does not power on when i switch the PSU to the 'On' position and when i press the power button from the front of the case. The fan on the PSU doesn't spin, the case fans don't spin, nothing works


Anyone any ideas what's going on?


Thanks! :D:

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this is my motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3


I'm quite sure i connected the 'jumpers' correctly but i was uncertain of which side was negative or positive... i can see an arrow pointing downwards on the back of the power switch lead but i couldn't find in the manual what that meant... so possibly the jumpers could be wrong?


But surely if the fan was working and assuming the jumpers were connected correctly shouldn't the fan in the psu spin? Or does the components inside the computer only turn on (fans spins, graphics card fan spins etc) when the power on button is pressed on the case?

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The PSU fan should spin when the system is powered on. You may want to try the following. Disconnect the PSU from the motherboard. Using a paperclip, jump the green wire on the 24-pin connector with any of the black wires on the 24-pin connector and see if the fan starts spinning up.
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doesn't matter my friend solved it :D:


motherboard secured too tightly lol


I seem to be having the same problem. Can you pls elaborate what "secured too tightly means"? When I turn on my Corsair the motherbord has one light on, but the PSU and CPU fans don't spin.


I tried the paperclip test and the PSU fan spins alright.


thanks you

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