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PSU Buzzing on APC Battery


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Hello All,


Last night there was a power outage in our area. Naturally, my APC Back-UPS RS 1200 did it's job and kept my PC running so I could safely shut it down.


When I walked into my office to shut down my PC, I noticed that there was a 'buzzing' sound. I listened around the room and determined that this buzzing sound was definitely coming from my Corsair HX620W.


This buzzing was a cause of concern for me - under normal conditions, this doesn't happen. With a little experimentation, I found that the PSU will buzz ONLY when my APC Back-UPS is running on the battery (it will still buzz weather the PC is on or off. However the buzzing stops when I kill the master power on the PSU). As soon as the UPS is back to running on the city power-grid, the buzzing on my PSU immidiately stops.


I googled around a bit and I have read a discussion suggesting that the buzzing is caused by the Active Power Factor Correction on the PSU when the UPS outputs a 'Simulated Sine Wave' (sine wave that is not smooth). See discussion here: http://forums.isxusergroups.com/thread.jspa?threadID=376&tstart=0


The link above seems to explain why this happens. However, I would like to know: Will this cause any damage to my PSU? I don't mind the buzzing sound since I will only ever be on battery power a small percentage of the time. I just want to be sure this will not cause any damage.


Any ideas if I should be looking for a different UPS or is this going to be OK?



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With some UPS backups you will get buzzing with high efficiency PSU's. This will not damage any of the components in the system.


hi, so I can buy an APC that have a Stepped approximation to a sinewave and this will not damage PSU Hx620, right?

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hi to all,


i'm going to buy a corsair hx620 and a apc BR800I


could someone tell me if there are problems with this APC?


battery waveshape disgnal si stepped to a sinewave not a pure!


Do I risk to break the psu with this type of signal, as it happens for Coolermaster?



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