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Asus P5DWG2 Pro & 8500C5D


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I have a p5wdg2 mobo with a qx6700 and a pair of 8500C5D (total of 2Gb).


No matter what I do I can not make the memory perform stably at their rated 1066, not even close.


It only performs stably at around 950mhz. Even more strangely with automatic settings, the memory reports 6-6-6-15-22 (whereas it should be 5-5-5-15-22)


Could you please advise of settings that would best work.

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You have the Intel D975XBX2 mainboard? What BIOS? What is your Vdimm set to? What is your MCH set to? Are you upclocking the board at all? What version is the DRAM (on the modules)?


I note that in the motheboard manual :




That this board wil accept no greater than 1.9v. If that is the case, you can not apply the correct voltage for those modules. You need 2.2V for version 1.xx and 2.1V for version 2.xx

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You need to set the DRAM Vdimm (Voltage) to 2.2V for version 1.xx and 2.2V for version 2.xx


That's a 975 chipset and was never created for Core2, so you may wish to raise your MCH voltage 0.5v as well


Change the "Configure DRAM Timing by SPD" to disabled and set:




Set your DDR2 to 1066Mhz

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