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Twin2x8500c5df + Ga-x38-dq6


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I have O.C.Z DDR2 PC9600 2048MB KIT, FlexXLC Ed., "Xtreme Liquid Convention" (CL5-5-5-18) and they sux a lot on my new GA-X38-DQ6 mobo. So maby the TWIN2X8500C5DF is more stable ??




Sorry 4 bad english

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Yes, i did, and no oc/v


After 36h load one of the mem just stoped working, no post at all. And that was my third peer of ocz in 2 yer that jus died. So i´m just tierd of them.

In my older pc i got TWINX2048-3200C2/CMX1024-3200C2 and they have bin rock-stable in 2 yers now!!

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