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2 x 2GB versus 4 x 1 GB DDR2-800


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I've started to purchase components for a new system (Antec Solo case, Corsair VX450W). I'll be running 4GB of memory using a P35 motherboard and a Core 2 6750 that I'll moderately overclock. I'm building this system exclusively for photography (i.e. Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom).


What technical differences, if any, are there between two 2GB Corsair DDR2-800 sticks and four equivalent 1GB sticks?


I vaguely remember a Tom's Hardware article that said that 2GB sticks would consume less power, but don't remember why (denser semiconductor process for the individual memory chips?). But I also recall reading that using the 2GB sticks would reduce overclocking potential.


Bottom line: Which Corsair product would you recommend for my application and why is it the best solution for my needs?


Thanks in advance for your advice,



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