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URGENT Help Required


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New user here and i'm desperate for some help.

I've just purchased a Corsair Flash Voyager 16Gb USB2.0 Flash Memory Drive.


I'm looking to split the capacity into public and private areas (private obviously being password protected) - i've had a try of the "TrueCrypt" software but to be honest I hav'nt a clue what i'm doing! Any help to do this as soon as possible would really be appreciated.



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I'm just a reader here, with no particular expertise, but I have used Truecrypt quite a bit, and since you indicate it's urgent...


I'm not sure you've given enough information to know what the real problem is, though. Sounds to me like you just want to create a single-file Truecrypt volume, with the file being 8GB (or whatever). Truecrypt should do this easily. No need to actually partition the Voyager.


I downloaded Truecrypt (it's free) before I ever bought a Corsair thumb drive, and just played with it on the PC until I was comfortable with how it worked, then copied the encrypted file and Truecrypt to the thumb drive. The program itself, of course, has to be outside the encrypted file... but you can use both the Windows and Linux versions of Truecrypt on the same encrypted file.


Just follow the Truecrypt instructions and play with it for a little while, it really is pretty simple to use, and works very well.

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