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I need help ramguy.


i have nothing but trouble running vista 64 and 4gig of ram. my system is perfect with 2 or 3 gig but not with 4. my pc will not post with 4g sometimes or will crash after 10-30mins.


i'm running:


C2D 6700

coolermaster 800W

2gig 6400c4 ad 2gig 6400c4dhx g

asus p5n32-e sli

vista 64


i previously sent back to defective modules (by memtest) and received the new 6400c4dhx g in exchange. i still doesnt work. ive tried other settings youve recommended and nw my computer wont post.


please help. im getting frustrated.


i have the latest bios loaded.

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I'm not RAMGUY, but I might be able to help.


  1. Shut the system down.
  2. Remove all but one single stick.
  3. Restart the system and enter your BIOS
  4. Insert the below BIOS Settings


Multiplier = 10

FSB = 266

DRAM = Unlinked and set to 667Mhz


Memory Timing


FSB - Memory Clock Mode: Unlinked

CPU FSB: 266

CPU Multi: 10

DDR FSB: 667

tCL: 4

tRCD: 4

tRP: 4

tRAS: 12


Advanced Memory Settings


tRRD: Auto

tRC: Auto

tWR: Auto

tWTR: Auto

tREF: Auto

Async Latency: Auto



CPU Spread Spectrum: Enabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum: Enabled

MCP PCIE Spread Spectrum: Enabled

SATA Spread Spectrum: Enabled

LDT Spread Spectrum: Enabled


CPU Internal Thermal Control: Enabled

Limit CPUID MaxVal: Enabled

Enhanced C1 (C1E): Enabled

Execute Disable Bit: Enabled

Virtualization Technology: Enabled

Enhanced Intel Speedstep Tech: Enabled

LDT Frequency: 5x


PCIEX16_1 Frequency (Mhz): Auto

PCIEX16_2 Frequency (Mhz): Auto

PCIEX16_3 Frequency (Mhz): Auto

SPP<->MCP Ref Clock, Mhz: Auto




Vcore = Auto

Vdimm (DRAM Voltage) = 2.1v

1.2v HT: Auto

NB Vcore: 1.35v

SB Vcore: Auto



Shut the system down. Re-install all four sticks. Results?

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