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The craziest RAM problem I've ever had


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So here goes the story, I will save my question till the end.


Last week my main machine died. I couldnt figure it out it just wouldn't boot. After much searching I narrowed it down to what I thought was a power supply problem. Ordered a new powersupply and then decided to get my backup computer running while I was waiting.


I get on the backup computer and everything is corrupted, nothing runs. I try to reinstall windows and have the same problems. It finally dawns on me that it could be a RAM problem and BAM! I now have my first stick of bad Corsair ram EVER (512mb pc3200 corsair xms). I had the dual 512mb kit so it had a total of 1gig ram running in dual mode. I take out the bad stick and am able to run the computer perfectly.


I finally get my psu in the mail. I get all excited, hook it all up, say a short prayer, then press the power button only to find it still wont boot up. I then decide to start unplugging things to see if i can get it to boot and for some reason I end up putting in the 1 good stick of RAM from my other computer and holy schnikes it starts right up!


I then perform memtest on both of the sticks of RAM from my main computer (had a 2x1gb kit for dual mode) and low and behold once again 1 stick of ram is completely bad.


At the end of the day I am able to get both computers running, each with only the 1 good stick of ram from their set. Its been one day and I havent seen a problem yet...


I am now getting ready to RMA my first 2 bad sticks of ram in my long corsair history and I guess I am wondering if I need to RMA both of the full sets, or just the 1 stick from each.


I still cant believe both my computers died in the same week and both were from the RAM :(


ram that went bad:

1gb ddr corsair xms pc3200 - LED edition

512mb ddr corsair xms pc3200



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after reading some others posts I guess its worthy to note I only ran each memory stick with 1 pass on the windiag. if there is some type of length of time reccomended for testing my two sticks which currently still work please tell me
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do I need to send in both sticks from the pairs or just the 1 bad stick from each set?


Thanks for the fast reply




"All TWINX or VS Kits of matched memory pairs must be returned in pairs."


I guess that answers my question. Ill go ahead and RMA all 4 sticks. hopefully it wont take too long.

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  • Corsair Employees
If they are the same part number then just one RMA, but if they are different; that might be the problem. All of the modules in this system would need to be exactly matched and if you rma them that would likely not solve the problem.
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i think i might have confused you.


when i mem tested the ram i tested each stick individually as well as in their respective pairs to find the errors. the pairs are different from each other but each pair has the same 2 sticks (2 different sets of 2 ram sticks each), so what i had ment with my question was referring to 1 rma for both pairs of ram, since i have 2 pairs that went bad at the same time.


i think to keep it simple ill rma both pairs of ram, with 2 different rma requests, one for each.


thanks again for all your help, even with 2 computers ram going bad in the same week its great to see such fast and friendly responses via customer support. i am sure this will keep me a corsair customer for years to come.

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