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Help with timing....pretty please....


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I hate sounding like a noob and all, but I was just wondering if my timings and all were correct. I feel like that they are off, or CPU-Z is just reading it wrong. Can anyone give me a pointer or two to set it correctly(not over-clocking, just wanted to get the standard speed correct).









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To be sure


Enter your BIOS and set:



CPU Configuration

Overclock Mode = Manual

CAS Latency (CL) = 5

TRAS = 5

TRP = 5

TRCD = 5

TRAS = 15





MA Timing = 2T


Chipset Configuration

DRAM Voltage = 1.9v



Download memtest from http://www.memtest.org. Extract and burn the ISO image to an optical disk. Boot to the optical disk and allow for two passes.



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Let us know the results. Your board can be a bit wonky with a four DRAM bank population so I did not optimize the settings. Stability is far more important than frequency in this case. If you have no problem with the settings, then please post your CPU-z results as before.
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ok, in my bios it does say, DDR400(DDRII800), and it does read it correctly during boot. I'm just confused why in CPU-Z it only reads 270MHz on one column and in the next it reads 400MHz, I understand thats its dual, so it would look like this: 270MHz x 2 = 540 ? 400 x 2 = 800
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Ok ok, AsRock says to change the Voltage from Auto to High. After gaming or exiting to Windows my computer freezes. I set it to Normal settings, and it even froze when selecting different tabs in FireFox. So I set it back to Auto and it hasn't froze yet.....
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Ran MemTest, woke up and it stated that there are no Errors. Guess everything is fine. :roll:

Memtest is a good gauge. If you are still having stability problems then most likely there is some issue other than the memory.

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