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performance degrading


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just wanna share with you a very awkward situation i am facing.

first, my current rig is:


intel e6750 @ 2.66

2G corsair dominator 8500 @ 1066 5-5-5-15

xfx 8800 gts 320 mb XXX edition

gigabyte p35-ds3r

WD 500gb 16mb

assus DVD burner

corsair hx520w PSU

win xp sp2


I also have dominator air flow fans installed on top of the rams, a 12" intake fan, and a 12" exhausts fan


i ve had this rig for about 2 month now. everything running at stock speeds. i ran 3dmark06 when i first built the pc, and i had 10600 points. I then over clocked the cpu to 3.2 and dropped the ram to 970 4-4-4-12 and my benchmark went up to 11400 points. i then switched back to stock settings and ran everything on stock since then, as the OC was just for testing. the system ran very stable since then and i never had any issues with stability what so ever.


now the problem i have is the following. I just ran 3dmark and i got 10000 points at stock speeds and 10300 over clocked as above.



how can i loose all these points in just about two month of running?


i tried the following:


i updated the bios to the most recent one.

installed a fresh copy of windows xp on another drive and ran the benchmark..but still got the same downgraded results..


someone suggested that it might be my PSU is dying as my original one was a 400w, so i replaced it with the hx520, but it didnt make any difference.


any ideas what might be going on? is it possible for hardware (graphics card or memory) to degrade in performance?



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3D Mark is a Video Bench Mark and the memory and CPU performance will affect the results but the VIDEO card would be the biggest influence in this test and since the results are about the same loss in both modes it might suggest the VIDEO card or driver has changed. However, this is a synthetic benchmark and I would not worry about it to much 300 Points is a relatively small number and can be attributed to any number of things even something that you may have installed with out knowing.
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thanks for your reply.

the difference is not 300 points. if it was i would have not even bothered.

what i am looking at here is 600-700 points @ stock speed (10000/9900 vs 10600) which is about 6%, and about 1100 points when overclocking (10300 vs 11400) which is about 10%. Also what more alarming is the inability now for OC to give the same amount performance increase as before. for instance, OC used to yield 7.5% increase in performance (from 10600 to 11400), but now it only results in a 3% increase (from 10000 to 10300).

I dont bileeve that these figures are insignificant.


As for the drivers, I am using the same driver I used 2 month ago when i installed the system (forceware 162.18). ANd in order to eliminate the factor of windows/installed programs build up, I installed a fresh copy of windows and used it for testing.

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