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Please Help! No POST on P5N32-E MB w/ 4x1gb TWIN2X2048-6400C4


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i am getting pretty desperate here, as i need to know if this is a possible problem with my mobo, or if i need to actively do something to get this system to work properly...


i purchased my PC from an individual who builds and sells, and he says that my problem has to do with the mobo's bios...i have 4 x 1gb of these RAM sticks, and up to 3 will run smoothly and problem free. however, when you plug the 4th DIMM in, you will get absolutely no POST. lights, fans, everything goes on, but absolutely no action up-stairs, if you catch my drift. all of the modules seem to be working just fine...no bios settings have yet been altered...


i'm starting to suspect it's a faulty mobo, but i wanted to ask the forum before i made any rash confrontations. i am also waiting on a new cooling unit, as mine fried (coolit eliminator, faulty revision) so as it can be noted, im having a hell of a time with this expensive investment, and i also cant run my system until i get the part back...please, please someone offer me advice to pull me out of this annoying financial quagmire.




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This is not uncommon with the 680i based motherboards so it leads me to think that this is an issue of the 680i chipset. The only methods that I have seen achieve results with this issue is an RMA and a new board or a move to a 2 X 2048 DRAM Kit. The second method does mean you retain a motherboard that will not accept 4 DRAM banks populated though.
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