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Asus P5KC & Corsair 2048MB TwinX XMS2 6400 DDR2 (2 x 1024MB)


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I'm having some trouble with my new system I built yesterday. Sometimes it won't boot for example which seems to occur randomly, although, I have noticed a better success rate with just 1 stick of RAM inserted into the motherboard. This is leading me to suspect the possibility of a bad RAM stick but then I would try both RAM sticks and it would work fine...


I am really getting to my wits end with these contanst mishaps that seem to be so random. At one point today any file I downloaded from the internet was corrupt. Now I'm not sure if it's my HDD or the RAM at this point and really need some help with this situation. My HDD is quite old (120GB Seagate Barracuda 2MB Hard Disk Drive 7200rpm ATA100) and I was wondering if that could be contributing to the issue.


I've tried adjusting some of the RAM latency settings and the frequency speed manually but I'm not 100% sure what I am doing. I tried it with each stick and then with both, swapping them around in the DIMM slots.


I'm lost as how to solve this issue.

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Ok after losing lots of sleep I finally solved my problem.


1. I had a bad stick of RAM

2. The Atansic LAN driver for the mobo was causing my boot errors. A simple uninstall of that and a clearing of the cmos sorted that out. I then loaded the LAN driver from teh Asus website (v6) and the new intel INF update and everything works like a dream now.


Just to be sure i went and bought a new SATA HDD jus to make sure now everything runs fine.

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