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Memory Dump


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Hello Corsair and everybody else!

I have a RAM-memory problem!

When I start up a game and maybe do something else at my computer at the time everything freezes and a blue screen comes up.:confused:

It stands Prepering dump of psysical memory (excuse my english) on swedish it stands Förbereder dumbning av fysiskt minne.

The only way to get away from the bluescreen is to restart my computer.:(:

I have run Memtest but no problem have been detected.


I called my computerstore and they told me to change my volentage on the memorys bur how do i do that!?

I have a Asus P5L VM-1394


//Desperate míddleage man

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And you really need a bigger PSU for the system configuration you gave. But to change the Voltage for memory it should be listed in the BIOS under Frequency and Voltage Control AKA Jumper Free with ASUS. Please check in section 4 of the manual.
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Enter Your BIOS




AI Overclocking = Manual


DRAM Frequency = DDR2 533MHz


You do not have the ability to change the DRAM voltage with that motherboard. Hopefully dropping the DRAM throughput a bit will gain you stability. If not, you will have to remove 2 sticks of memory and if you want 4GB then you will have to move to 2 X 2048 of JEDEC stanard 1.8v DRAM.

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