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Serial ATA Cable Question


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I have the Samsung SH-203 DVD Writer and Seagate Barracuda HDD. They are SATA devices and both came with power adapter cables, which has the white 4-pins at one of their ends.


My Corsair HX620W has Serial ATA cables. I planned to use the SATA connector with two SATA connector heads instead of the power adapter cables that came with my DVD Writer and Seagate HDD. But I noticed that the plug that goes into the HX620W has 5-pins. The power adapter cables has 4-pins at the end.


Why is that?


Is it okay to use the 5-pin Serial ATA cables from my Corsair HX620W without ill effect? Or do I have to use the 4-pin peripheral power connector heads for my DVD writer and HDD?

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