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Warranty Replacement RAM recieved... CORSAIR SENT THE WRONG MODEL

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I just received my warranty replacement RAM. I sent in a package of 2 CMX512-3200C2PT, that's CAS Latency 2 RAM. They are a matched pair, sold as TWINX1024-3200C2, so even though only one stick was dead, I had to send them both in. Today, I received 2 packages of single-stick CMX512-3200... CAS Latency 3!!!


I have another pair of the -C2PT RAM still in the system, which is working fine even though some operations have been slower for the past few weeks since I'm missing half of the RAM I used to have... and I am certainly not going to slow down that functioning pair simply because Corsair can't get their model numbers right in their RMA department.


I was told on the phone by Corsair tech support, before I went through the whole RMA process, that I would receive the same model RAM as I sent in, or RAM of equivalent performance. This plainly has not happened.


I therefore need a shipping label sent to me to return this RAM (I'm not paying for your company's mistake) and correct compatible RAM sent to me as quickly as possible. My original case # was 237430, although I cannot access it online anymore as it appears to be closed out. The RMA # was 1026538. Please respond to the contact email in that Case/RMA number with the resolution of this issue as soon as possible, or to the post here.


Thank you.



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