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[Problem]Boot Fail with 5-5-5-15-6 @ 1066


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The setup:


* P5W DH DELUXE/WIFI-AP (BIOS v. 2004) - Asus (Obvious by this point :) )

* E6700 - Intel

* ATI1950XTX - HIS

* TWIN2X2048-8500C5D - Corsair (Data Sheet)

* WD1500AHFD - Western Digital


The problem:


* Cannot boot Windows or memtest86+ with Corsair Test Specs (5-5-5-15-2T at 2.2V

at 1066MHz), as per the Data Sheet link above while using both memory modules.

* An aside: where can I adjust the CMD (1T/ 2T) in these BIOS (v. 2004)?

* I have version 1.2 of the modules, which use Micron memory chips. The voltage for these chips at the Test Specs is actually recommended at 2.2V, and not 2.1 (as stated on the Data Sheet), which reflects only newer versions featuring Qimonda memory, the latter being slighly more efficient.


Diagnostics completed:


* Tested memory modules in following physical configurations with default BIOS settings, except for changing to Corsair Test Specs values, and setting DRAM Write Recovery Time to 6 (CAS#+1) (CMD setting wasn't changed): A1&B1; A2&B2; A1; B1.

* Configurations in red (using both modules simultaneously, or a single one) failed to boot either Windows or memtest86+, while successfully booting when in green (using a single module).

* When testing with both modules, I swapped respective DIMMs in each configuration to ensure the problem wasn't with one of the modules.

* When tessting with a single module, I swapped respective modules in each configuration to ensure the problem wasn't with one of the modules.

* I have closely inspected the module and DIMM connection point terminals using high-powered optics, and did not find any fault.

* Using both or a single module, in either of the above mentioned physcial configurations, will successfully boot using the Cosair Test Specs, with the exception of a reduced DRAM clock (one step below the rounded 1067 preset in the BIOS).


Conclusions I've drawn:


* Unlikely it's the memory modules (but you never know).

* Possibly, the A channel DIMMs are faulty or otherwise not fully functional given BIOS version and settings (although I didn't test A2 or B2 DIMMs using single module configurations).


I am really hoping it's not a hardware issue, but would like to know how to solve this problem regardless. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading! :)

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i hope someone help u with ur problem i just want to point out that most of all problems here are coused by ASUS mobo's :/ just look at the posts , my asus extreme is probably most extremly anoying MOBO of all :/


cheers i hope u will get it to work

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  • Corsair Employees

That MB will not support the memory at 1066 MHz with out over clocking the CPU and chipset. I would set the memory frequency at DDR800 and see if the system is more stable, and then over clock the CPU with the memory in linked mode, but it will likely top out about 960-1030Mhz from what we saw with this MB.

Please see the Performance Reports on these modules and other like modules to get an idea of the MB's and what we did to run them at the tested settings.

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