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2sets of TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX (8GB) on Asus Striker Extreme


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Hey everyone.


This is exactly the same problems I am facing here, I was thinking to change my board until I have read this post.


B1z, Did you manage to fix the problem, was it a ram issue or the striker??


I have tried every thing but the Striker and the corsair 6400c4.


Please help me here, this is the 3rd month I am trying to get the system runs with no OC.


I have random freezes, in windows, bios, sometimes it works fine for a day with no problem!!



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GizmoSLI, its definitely a chipset limitation..

I did not manage to get it running stable after weeks.

(This included all settings possible, every BIOS av, changing the hardware setup and so on)


So after all, don't waste time - use the second pair of 4G to build up another machine...

And no, both RAM Pairs were perfectly stable in memtest if tested on their own.


Cheers! :sunglasse

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Thanks for the fast reply.


My problem is i can't get it stable on 2 or 4 GB, I tried all possible Bios versions / Volatges, I did not try the 3 days Cmos reset; which I am trying now.


That means my Striker is bad then?



Thanks for the fast reply

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Well its all about full dimm load.

If you have 4 DIMMs loaded it becomes a pain in the ***, however some people seem to have luck and it works out of the box.


All my problems were gone as soon as I've removed just a single DIMM, so the load was 3/4.


If you still have problems with less than 4/4, then go through the usual testing.


Take the latest BIOS, load setup defaults, then set the voltage for your RAM to the one they've tested it with and manually set the timings (not the subtimings, though). And be sure to set "AI Tuning" to "Standard", not "Optimal" to get rid of Asus' hidden overclocking.

Use only 1 dimm out of 4, try it in every slot on its own with memtest.

1 Pass should be enough.

If you can't get this running through, theres a problem with the board or the Memory module. But seems like you have 4 modules, try it with each one until you find one thats running through. Remember that slot, test the same module in the other matching dual-channel slot. Still one on its own.

If it works, keep the working one in there and try each one of the 3 left ones in the matching dual-channel slot with the working one.

Start over with the "matched pair one".


Thats a lot of testing, and it definitely sucks.

For me, it was wasted time. But my problem was 4/4 related, and you have problems with less than it... wicked. Try the above stuff and if you really want to be sure about the memory modules, try each one on its own and then each matched pair on its own on another, yet working board. If they work, its a board/chipset problem, either a defect or one of these "limitations" no one wants to hear about...

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  • Corsair Employees

What O.S. are you using and have you tested the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org to make sure one is not failing?

In addition, with some MB's (Mostly ASUS) you have to disable legacy USB in the bios when running any memory test.


If you are using Windows Vista there is a patch for 3 Gig or more of memory that will need to be installed manually as well.


Also You'll need to install MS patch 929777 from Microsoft for more than 3 GIG in Win Vista. you can search for it at http://www.microsoft.com.
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Hello, sorry to barg in your thread here, but i have a comment and a questions.


First off, me and some friends have been having trouble very simmilar to the ones mentioned above with the twinsxp2048-6400c4 pro(2 sets of 2 x 1 gb sticks) and the striker extreme.

I have 4 good sticks, we have tested them extensivly, they all work. But when ever you put all 4 of them into a striker(we have 2) you start getting the crashes, ramtest errors, bsod, you name it.


Now my question is: The twin2x4096-6400C5(2 x 2gb sticks) will work with the striker? im either blind or its not listed on the qvl.


I want 4gb in 2sticks since populated slots+striker extreme=fail in my experence.

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Well i got them.

Damaged in shipping of course...


Damnit. I swear im cursed with ram, that makes 6 different gigs iv had to send back for various reasons in the last few weeks... Well when i get the replacement for the damaged in shipping ram and there not damaged or doa ill let you know how it works!

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