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533mhz FSB Laptop + PC5300 667mhz RAM ratio question


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I recently bought 2x1gb pc5300 667mhz ram for my laptop which is rated as 533mhz fsb.


Currently the computer is running at 2:3 fsb/ram ratio. That means my ram is only running at 400mhz, correct?


I just thought of it right now, but basically, did I buy ram that is WAY to fast for my computer? or is my understanding of fsb/ram ratios incorrect?




EDIT: not 100% this post is supposed to be in this section. I figured it wasn't a compatibility issue so...

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The Front Side BUS (FSB) of your processor is 533Mhz. This means that the designation of the 2:3 (FSB:RAM) ratio gives you 533:400. It doesn't really matter that your ram pick was 667 as there is really little price differentiation at that level.
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