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The EPS12V connector?


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I´ve got a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 motherboard, and a Corsair HX620 W.


On the HX620 there´s a 8-pin EPS12V cable, and if you look at the motherboard you have a 12 V connection with 8 pins. However the 4 last pins are blocked by a protective cover and the mobo manual says: "Do not insert power supply cables into pins under the protective covers when using a power supply providing a 2x2 12V and a 2x10 powerconnector."


My question is: can i use the 8 pin EPS12C connector there or should i go with the 4-pin 12V connector?

If so, what is the EPS12V connector for?


Thanks for any help in this issue.:confused:

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