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Voyager 8GB slower then expected


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Just bought Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB (store was out of GT, and I needed one right away). The store's website says 12MBps write and 31MBps read, but when I tested it home, I only peak 8,7MBps write with SiSoft Sandra on a 64MB file. And just using normal filetransfer, I can't get above 4MBps, on 3 different computers.


Is this normal transfer rates? I couldn't find anything about speeds on corsairmemory.com, and I'm not the guy to sit and read reviews about a simple thing as a USB flashdrive for hours to find the reliable info I need before buying. When it comes down to peripherals as a memorystick, I kinda just trust the website selling the device.


So what's the deal? Is the store operating with false data, is the speed listed for the device only in 100% optimal conditions, or what?


Right now, I'm kinda unhappy with the product, but not so much as to say I would return it.

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So you are confirming that the speed I get is far below what it should be?


What is the write speed I would expect to get on files ranging from a few hundred KB to tens of MB?


Reason for me asking this is that I saw a review (lost the URL) where the guy gets the same results as I am, but made no remarks if this was wrong speeds, only said it was faster then some other USB flashdrive. I would hate to return it only to receive what I had, as I use it every day.

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The sequential write should be about 3.3 Mbs and the sequential read should be about 9.1 Mbs, so you are not far off but we will be happy to replace it.

Just to avoid confusion, by 3.3 Mbs do you mean "3.3 MegaBits per second" or "3.3 MegaBytes per second"?


Another question: the retailer I bought my Voyager 8GB (non GT) claims 16 MBytes/s write and 33 MBytes/s read.

Are those figures even remotly realistic?


thanks & cheers,


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Not far off?


I'm saying I'm getting close to 4MBps, that's a big B, meaning Byte. You're saying I'm supposed to get 3,3Mbps, that's a small b, meaning bit, and isn't far off?

And then suddenly, 27MBps is reachable?


3,3Mbps is 412KBps. If I would get that speed on a flashdrive today, I would return it to the vendor and make sure as few as possible ever bought that item again.


And how is it that his flashdrive, which is as far as I can see identical to mine, can reach 27MBps write (again, big B), while mine should get 412KBps write (even though I get close to ten times that).


Would you mind elaborating a bit to avoid confusion?

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  • Corsair Employees
And yes or ever better write average sequential write will be about 27 MB/s

That was about a Non GT version of our 8 Gig Flash Voyager!

Is that what you have and what is the problem? Please start your own thread!

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