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TWIN2X2048-6400 question


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Hi everyone,


I have 4 sticks of TWIN2X2048-6400 RAM and I'm in the middle of testing my overclocked computer. Before I run tests on this setup I'd like to clarify some information I need.


My BIOS setup ended up as:

7 - Multiplier

333MHz - FSB Strap

460 - FSB Frequency

1.3250v - CPU Voltage

920MHz - DRAM Frequency

1.50v - North Bridge Voltage

DISABLE - CPU & PCI Spread Spectrum

1.90v - DRAM Voltage


These changes got me from 2.33GHz to 3.24GHz.


However, I'd like to make sure that voltage on these DIMMs is appropriate for the DRAM Frequency setting. I have yet to find information on what's the a safe voltage increase on these DIMMs.

I've set this memory 5-5-5-12 and 1.90v (according to documenation), but I think I need to increase voltage a tad to compensate for the increased DRAM Frequency.


I haven't run any serious test yet, but I feel that it will fail on the memory test due to the increased DRAM Frequency settings.

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Mr. n00blar,


Forum rules state that a 24 hour period is the turn around time. Be nice or I'll sick Ropey on you. :D:


Corsair warrants these modules (lifetime) for up to and including 2.1v


No need for Ropey here. :cool:


I just couldn't find this particular info on Corsair's info, so I came to look for it.



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